Full Mouth Reconstruction

A trip to the dentist can reveal the need for several procedures for some people. This may be the result of an accident, or years of neglecting one’s oral health. If confronted with several dental issues, it is best to consider Full Mouth Reconstruction, or FMR.

Consider the Big Picture When it Comes to Your Dental Health

No single issue of your teeth or gums should be viewed as an isolated problem. By considering how oral elements interact and affect each other, Dr. Lee Frost can devise a master plan that takes into account the big picture. This holistic approach prioritizes treatment so that all procedures work in concert with one another. The result is a completely rehabilitated smile that will amaze you.

Treatment is Done Best at the Same Time

Although just about anybody may benefit from Full Mouth Reconstruction, it is particularly recommended for those with several pressing dental issues. The outdated approach that piecemeal treatment is ineffective and shortsighted. Viewing a single tooth while ignoring the plight of neighboring teeth often results in mismatched teeth that do not function well together. Procedures may need to be redone, in the long run, this will cost more money and time. 

Dental Issues Lead to Health Issues

Dental issues left untreated lead to many health concerns. Tooth loss leads to resorption of the jawbone, or bone loss. Decaying teeth make you vulnerable to periodontal disease. The body responds to gum disease as a low-grade infection, and inflammation can result. Issues with the jaw and bite cause headaches, and neck and jaw pain.   

Treatment types

Your dentist will tailor a highly individualized treatment plan for your unique needs. A course of action is designed. You are informed of each stage in the transformation of your smile. Some forms of care used include:

  • Fillings
  • Crowns
  • Root canal therapy
  • Extractions
  • Implants, Bridges, Dentures
  • Invisalign or Braces
  • Veneers

The process can take several months to complete. With Full Mouth Reconstruction, the master plan ensures that all procedures complement each other. The dentist does not jeopardize healthy teeth. We are conservative in our care for the welfare of your smile.

Call Dr. Lee Frost for a new smile

Nothing is more satisfying to Dr. Frost than seeing the dramatic and life changing results that a Full Mouth Reconstruction can produce. You will be thrilled with the smile and function of your new smile. Contact out office in Rutherford, New Jersey to see how we can devise a plan for you!

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