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When it comes to complex dental care, oral surgery procedures may sound intimidating, but they are meant to improve your oral health and comfort into the future. At Frost Dental Group, we provide oral surgery in Rutherford, NJ to maintain patients’ beautiful smiles and healthy oral function. 

From dental implants to wisdom teeth extractions, Dr. Lee T. Frost and his team, including Dr. Glen Atlas and Dr. Eliaz Kaufman, are experienced in providing all phases of dental surgery to meet your health needs. If you have questions about teeth extractions or surgical teeth replacement, contact our office today for your consultation!

Oral Surgery Services at Frost Dental Group

Typically, oral surgery is required if your oral health cannot be improved by more conservative means. For example, extracting severely damaged or impacted teeth is often necessary to preserve the alignment and health of existing teeth. At his dental office, Dr. Lee T. Frost and his associates provide the following:

Dental Implant Placement - If one or more teeth are missing, this restorative procedure installs replacement tooth roots into bone, which is one of the most effective ways to regain a healthy set of teeth.

Bone Grafting – After long-term tooth loss, patients’ bone volume begins to resorb or deplete. Not only does this affect existing teeth, bone loss requires care before implant teeth replacements are provided. A bone graft restores healthy bone volume, creates a better support system for natural teeth, and promotes treatment success for implants. 

Complex Extractions - One of the most common reasons for oral surgery has to do with wisdom teeth, which usually need to be removed between the ages of 17-25. If wisdom teeth are impacted, careful incisions are placed into the soft tissue to ensure these teeth can be accessed and removed. 

Simple Teeth Extractions – Teeth with straight-shaped roots that are fully emerged through bone and tissue can be removed through less complex means. While this may still indicate surgical processes, accessing the tooth typically does not call for removing the tooth in pieces, which can be required for wisdom teeth extraction.

Is Dental Surgery Necessary?

At Frost Dental Group, our team thoroughly examines your smile at each appointment or during a consultation for a specific service to determine if advanced restorative care is needed. If Dr. Frost spots the development of third molars or has noticed that a tooth is seriously broken, he may recommend surgical processes to protect your smile.

Dental surgery at our office involves the use of sedation medication to maximize your comfort. Dr. Frost uses nitrous oxide and his anesthesiologist, Dr. Glen Atlas, uses IV sedation to ensure you don’t feel or remember details from your procedure. 

Learn More about Wisdom Teeth Extraction and Implant Placement!

If you would like more information about oral surgery and to find out if surgery could benefit you, contact Frost Dental Group and schedule an appointment!


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