Frost Dental Group is open to take care of all of your dental needs.
We continue to offer teledentistry as an additional way to assess your treatment options.

Many of you have trusted us to care for you and your loved ones for over six generations. For this reason, all doctors and staff members have been fully vaccinated.

With inoculation programs rolling out across the world, many are hoping for a return to something resembling normality. But the brutal reality is that nobody is safe until everybody is safe. The pandemic won’t end unless the virus is stopped everywhere. Herd immunity protects the most vulnerable members of our population. If enough people are vaccinated against dangerous diseases, those who are susceptible and cannot get vaccinated are protected because the germ will not be able to “find” those susceptible individuals. 

Thank you for your continued trust as we manage through the current COVID-19 pandemic. Together we are stronger.

While this is a bit long, we urge you to read it through to the end. It's our hope that the information below will help you feel confident, comfortable and safe about returning to us for all of your dental needs.

We hope that you and your family are in good health. As New Jersey begins to reopen, it's important for you to start thinking about your dental care. Although many things may have changed, one thing remains the same, our steadfast commitment to your safety. We have enhanced the safety of our practice through various technologies and protocols. 

Many of our changes are visible, and some are not. However, the changes that you aren't able to see are just as important. 

Our commitment to you:

• Our practice strictly follows infection protection recommendations made by the ADA, CDC and OSHA. We have taken many critical steps to continue to reinforce best practices for all of our procedural, operational, infection prevention and environmental controls. As always, our infection prevention control processes are meticulously followed so that when you receive care, it's both safe and comfortable.

• We continue to use CDC approved hospital grade disinfectants. As before, each treatment room is thoroughly disinfected between each patient. We use the same hospital grade disinfectants throughout our dental practice on a continual basis, especially on all high touch points and on common surfaces.

• Our doctors and clinicians will look different during your appointment. To provide the highest level of protection to ourselves and our patients, our clinical staff may be wearing N95 masks, glasses, face shields, gloves, isolation gowns, caps and booties.

 our staff wears all types of ppe to protect your health. providing a safe environment is important at frost dental group.

• We will conduct daily screening of all doctors, clinicians, and staff members. This includes, but is not limited to, COVID-19 screening questions, oxygen levels, and temperature checks.

• In healthcare, now more than ever, cleansing the air we breathe is crucial. We have taken a three step approach to enhance our air purification and air exchange systems to provide us with clean, sterilized and disinfected air. 

Step 1: We have added 9 hospital grade Surgically Clean Air purifiers. These free standing air purifiers are of the highest quality and will be placed in each treatment room, and throughout our practice. They continually remove viruses, gasses, allergens, mold and odors, as the air is purified and exchanged every 3 minutes, up to 20 times per hour. 

• Each individual air purification unit is designed to use short-wave ultraviolet light (UV-C) to inactivate airborne pathogens and microorganisms. As air is forced through each device, it will pass UV lamps, which directly attempt to disinfect the air by means of germicidal irradiation. The air is re-energized with a 6 stage filtration and sterilization process. This is especially important because Surgically Clean Air’s proprietary HEPA-Rx filters meet or exceed the guidelines for general surgery applications.

Step 2: We have installed a top of the line Chairside Aerosol Suction units for use in each of our treatment rooms. These Chairside Aerosol Suction units are equipped with a UV-C light to disinfect their internal HEPA filter and a plasma, to eliminate any remaining germs and bacteria in the exhaust. Combining extremely strong air pressure with incredibly high air flow, these units continuously prevent viruses, spit, blood, dust and more from spreading by eliminating droplets, germs, bacteria, saliva, and gasses.

chairside aerosol suction prevents the spread of the covid-19 and other infectious diseases. frost dental group uses chairside aerosol suction in all of our exam rooms.

Step 3: We have installed a HALO-LED directly into our HVAC system. This overall LED in-duct air purification system is both mercury free and zero ozone compliant. The HALO-LED will proactively treat our air conditioned space, by reducing airborne and surface contaminants and pollutants through bi-polar ionization. This process is our final layer of cleaning, sterilizing and disinfecting the air throughout our dental practice.

 Our ask of you:

• For the safety of our patients and staff, if you, a family member or a close contact, are waiting for COVID-19 test results, if you have tested positive, if you aren't feeling well, or if you think that you may have been exposed to the virus at anytime prior to your appointment, we ask that you please notify us immediately. 

• Our appointments will be managed to allow for social distancing between patients. We are allowing for greater time in between patients, as well as reducing the number of patients in our practice at any one time.

• Our staff will communicate with you prior to your appointment to fill out a new health history form (if applicable,) and answer a COVID-19 screening. You’ll be asked those same screening questions again when you arrive, and during our follow up phone call after your appointment.

• As per mandates, you will be required to wear your own mask prior to entering our building, and to keep it on at all times while in our office. This includes while you're in our treatment room, and immediately after your dental treatment is completed. Your clinician will let you know when it's time to take your mask off and when to put it back on. We ask that you please come alone to your appointment, as only you will be allowed in our treatment room.

• When you arrive, please call us from your car. We will let you know when it's time come to the office and a clinician will meet you at our front door. 

• Prior to entering, we will take your temperature with a non-contact infrared thermometer. Once in our treatment room, we will also read your oxygen levels and ask you to use a pre-treatment rinse.

• You will be required to use our contactless hand sanitizer upon entering our practice and throughout your stay. You will find contactless hand sanitizers in multiple areas throughout our practice, as well as at the entrance, exit and elevator of our medical building.

These are just some of the very important steps that we've taken to ensure that you're safe in our hands upon your return. For the past 65 years we have valued your trust and loyalty and we look forward to welcoming you back. We are filled with compassion for those who have been affected by the virus. Together we are stronger.
We will be giving priority to those patients who were cancelled and we will attempt to contact you to reschedule.

For new appointments please call 201-438-8870, visit our website, or email us

Stay Safe,

Dr. Lee Frost
Frost Dental Group

IMPORTANT! Please remember that if you are aren't feeling well, if you, a family member or a close contact think you may have been exposed, if you're waiting for a COVID-19 test result, or if you've tested positive for COVID-19, let us know immediately so we can schedule accordingly. 

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